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Citizenship and Immigration Canada Citoyennet et Immigration Canada PAGE 1 OF 6 For official use only UCI no. Application for a Citizenship Certificate Case ID Former Act Current Act (Proof of Citizenship)
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today I want to show you how to create an info sauce using the BW modeling tools info sources are optional you don't necessarily need an emphasis in the data flow I need an info source in my data flow because I want to perform two transformations consecutively in the data flow without additional storage of the data I am in the BW modeling tools in the context menu for my BW project I choose new info source I'm guided through the process by a wizard I enter an info area I entered a technical name and a description I select my data sources template I just finish the editor opens if without the aggregate records based on info source key fields flag the incoming data will be aggregated with regard to the key if I said this flag the info object serie record mode will be added to the info source however I don't need these two settings on the details tab I can see the fields which have been taken over from the data source if I hadn't chosen a template this would be empty and I would have to add the info objects or fields manually on the right-hand side I can see the details for each field or info object I want to add an info object so I choose add info object I select an info object from the results list it is added to my info source any existing compound characteristic would be added to the icons show me if I have fields or info object under manage Keys I can define keys for the info sauce I activate the info sauce it can now be used in a data flow I hope that I gave you a good overview of how to create an info source using the BW modeling tools now it's your turn to try it out